Who’s Ready For The Sock Puppets From Hell?

9 days until the SPFH novel is released!

In a little over a week from now, The Sock Puppets From Hell novel will make its terrible debut.  I hope you’re all ready.

As for me, the days leading up to the book’s release are pretty crazy.  Most of my time has been spent making last second edits and tweaks (yes, I’m still doing that) and making sure that the final product is something that won’t suck too much.  And then there’s maintaining this website, doing some marketing shit and attending to all sorts of other nonsense.

And in addition to all of that, I’m planning out a bunch of stuff to do on October 31st to help raise awareness for The Sock Puppets From Hell.  My hope is that if I do all of these things that enough of you will buy the book to allow me to retire from my day job and spend the rest of my life living off royalties and wandering the streets while naked, unbathed and horrifyingly drunk.

Do you think that’s something the Make A Wish Foundation would be able to help me with?

I should also probably mention that this will probably be the first book in a series of Sock Puppets From Hell novels.  You can’t imagine how much that last sentence terrifies me.  FUCK!

Writing this book has taken up over a year of my life, has cost me untold numbers of aneurysms and ulcers and I’m beyond ready to just kick back and maybe not spend my early mornings and late evenings hunched over a laptop pounding out chapters for a book that very few people will even actually ever read.

But…there’s more to The Sock Puppets From Hell story than I can neatly fit into a single book.  And if I don’t get that story into the pages of a book, it will continue to rattle around inside my head.  Trust me when I tell you that it’s not good for your mental health to wake up thinking about Sock Puppets.

And now I’m getting ahead of myself.  Right now, everyone, even you goddamnit, needs to be focused on Halloween 2016 and the unveiling of the Sock Puppets From Hell novel.




Author: Dan Cheek

Dan Cheek is the author of The Sock Puppets From Hell and an all around horrible person. His pee smells like hotdogs.

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