The Sock Puppets From Hell is FREE for 5 Days!

Buy my book using NO MONEY for the next five days!

Hi, everyone.  It’s been a few weeks since I last posted here.  I’ve been busy with stuff and drinking whiskey and other important things like that.  But I’m here today with a special, time-sensitive announcement.  PAY ATTENTION!

From now until Saturday (12/17), The Sock Puppets From Hell novel is available for FREE on Amazon.

Yes.  This means that if you have been delaying picking up a copy of the book because you don’t have the cash or because you feel uncomfortable spending money on a book about Sock Puppets written by a shady drunk person, now is the perfect time to get it!  FOR FREE!

Shit, you can gift a bunch of copies to all of your friends, family, co-workers or people you don’t even like or know.  Because at the price of $0.00, The Sock Puppets From Hell is worth it.

Now, some of you may have already purchased the book at its regular price of $4.99 and are pissed about this.  To all of you people, I say this: Tough shit.  I spent all of the money you gave me on cheap beer and gas-station sushi so there will be no refunds.

Go get a copy of my book on Amazon right now.  The Sock Puppets From Hell is fucking FREE for the next five days and if I can’t convince you to read my FREE novel then you are an asshole and we shan’t be friends any longer.  BUY MY BOOK!  FOR FREE!

Finally, if you aren’t already subscribed to The Sock Puppet Newsletter or following The Sock Puppets From Hell on Twitter and Facebook…you should be.  All of those things are also free.



Author: Dan Cheek

Dan Cheek is the author of The Sock Puppets From Hell and an all around horrible person. His pee smells like hotdogs.

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