The Book Will Have a Cover

And it will blow your fucking mind!

The SPFH Book Cover

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on things that authors should do when writing and self-publishing books.  Apparently, books need covers.  With art and words on them and shit like that.

Therefore, I have decided that The Sock Puppets From Hell novel will have a cover.

After a lot of thinking and sketching and weeping on the toilet, I think I’ve come up with a cover design that I’m gonna go with.  I don’t have it finalized yet, but I’m hoping to have that bit of work completed sometime this weekend or maybe early next week.

And when I do have it finished…I will show it to you.  I’d post some of the rough sketches that I’ve done here, but they are mostly just stick figures and pictures of my hand that I traced with a magic marker.  And most of them smell like pee and gin and I don’t wanna put them on my scanner.  Because pee and gin.

In all honesty, my scanner sort of smells like pee and gin, too.  My life is in shambles!

Once I do have the final Sock Puppets From Hell cover art all finalized and everything, you will be the first to know.  I’ll be posting it all over this website.  And the SPFH Facebook and Twitter profiles.

As a special bonus for those of you who were stupid enough HAHAHA I can’t believe you actually did that nice enough to sign up for the Sock Puppet Newsletter, maybe I’ll include some snapshots and pictures of some of the smelly cover sketches and some of the designs that didn’t make the cut in the next installment of the newsletter.

I have to run along now.  The Sock Puppets From Hell comes out on Halloween.  BUY MY BOOK!



Author: Dan Cheek

Dan Cheek is the author of The Sock Puppets From Hell and an all around horrible person. His pee smells like hotdogs.