He’s Godzilla and a T-Rex shoved into a sock

The only way to describe Goblin is to say that he is an unstoppable killing machine.  Although only 18 inches tall, he is the most lethal and destructive predator Hell has ever seen.  And now he’s on Earth, living in a house with a guy named Sam, along with the rest of the Sock Puppets.

You’ll notice that Goblin wears a thick black collar around his neck with a broken chain hanging off of it.  Goblin was fitted with that collar while in Hell.  There’s an interesting story behind the collar, how it ended up on Goblin and why he still wears it.  But I’m not going to tell that story here.

If you want the details, you have to read The Sock Puppets From Hell.  Because I didn’t spend a fucking year of my life writing a book so I could spoil all the plot points on this website.

Aside from being a Sock Puppet, Goblin has very little else in common with his friends.  He doesn’t speak.  He rarely pals around with them while they’re running around doing horrible things in Sam’s house.  And he spends most of his time plopped in front of Sam’s television.

However, when Goblin gets pissed off, he becomes an absolute force of nature.  His mouth is filled with razor-sharp teeth and his jaws are powerful enough to crush solid steel.  He’s bullet proof, can see in the dark and has the power of a runaway locomotive.  If there’s anything on Earth that can hurt him, I haven’t discovered it.

And I wrote the goddamn book on him.

You can read all about Goblin and his terrifying, mass homicidal adventures in the pages of The Sock Puppets From Hell, the self-published book by Dan Cheek.

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