This is Bob, the leader of the Sock Puppets From Hell

Meet Bob.  As the unofficial leader of the Sock Puppets From Hell, Bob is also the most cunning and emotionally stable.  This allows him to actually plan shit and see “the big picture”.  It also arguably makes him the most dangerous of the Sock Puppets.

While all of the Sock Puppets are from Hell, Bob is the only member of the group who has horns.  He also has a set of thin, black wings protruding from his back.  And while these wings might look cool…they’re actually pretty useless.  He can’t use them to fly, glide or do pretty much anything.

Reflecting his personality, Bob wears a neatly pressed white dress shirt and a fancy silk tie.  He also has a name tag, making him look like some sort of creepy salesperson.  None of this really makes any sense and that’s okay.

The other Sock Puppets — Doctor Sanity, Lost Cause and Goblin — all have a great deal of respect for Bob and tend to trust his decisions without question.  Additionally, because all of his fellow Sock Puppets are raging maniacs, Bob frequently has to serve as the voice of reason to the group, even though most of his “reasons” are also really, really bad.

After escaping from Hell, fleeing to Earth and moving in to Sam’s house, Bob is really the only thing preventing the other Sock Puppets from running amok, which would probably result in the destruction of almost all life on this planet.  He’s also gotten really good at calming Sam down after Doctor Sanity blows something up in the house or Goblin eats a mailman.

You can read more about Bob and his horrible friends in The Sock Puppets From Hell, the self-published novel from author Dan Cheek.

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