The Sock Puppets From Hell Characters

Meet the monsters of Sock Puppets From Hell

At its core, The Sock Puppets From Hell is a book about monsters.  Some of those monsters, like The Sock Puppets and Jeff, actually look like real fucking monsters.  Others, like Sam and Vicki, actually kind of look like normal people.  But make no mistake…they are just as twisted and broken as the rest.

This page is meant to serve as your guidebook to all of the messed up, fucked up characters that are at the heart of the Sock Puppets From Hell saga.  For anyone who hasn’t yet read the book, no worries, I give no spoilers here.  Just introductions to all of the major and minor characters.

The Sock Puppets From Hell

The Humans

  • Sam
  • Vicki
  • Amanda
  • Bernie

The Demons

  • Jeff
  • General Mysus
  • General Ulicer

The Sheep

  • Julius!

I’ve included several sketches with each of the character profiles listed above.  These sketches were drawn by me and were mostly meant to help serve as a visual aid for me as I wrote the book.  I am not an artist.  So if you look at some of the drawings (most of which were done in 15 minutes or less using Crayola Magic Markers) and think they look shitty…they probably do.

Because I was also probably drinking while drawing all of them.  And because my drawing talents are limited at best.  And because I have the attention span of a retarded squirrel.

Maybe after I sell a few thousand copies of the book (which I won’t), I’ll be able to afford to hire a fancy artist to do better drawings and sketches and shit.  But until I hit it big…you’re stuck with my dumb ass and my shitty magic marker drawings.

Finally, my lawyer (who is a mentally ill man who lives behind my local liquor store) would like me to remind all of you that each of the characters listed above are MINE! and you can’t use them for anything unless you throw lots and lots of money at me and I give you permission.  Fucker.

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