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The Sock Puppets From Hell is the debut novel from Dan Cheek, a man who should not legally be allowed to write anything.  Because he is so broken that he makes Jesus weep.

But you should definitely buy a copy of this horrible novel.  It’s available for purchase on Amazon right now.  In fact, you should probably just go ahead and buy five copies.  Because all proceeds raised from the sale of The Sock Puppets From Hell will be used by Dan Cheek to buy whiskey and to throw at strippers.  But mostly for whiskey.

And what is this literary masterpiece even about, you ask?  Well, it’s about THIS…

Bob, Lost Cause, Doctor Sanity and Goblin are four Sock Puppets who have escaped from Hell. Now on Earth, the Sock Puppets invade the home of a guy named Sam and end up sending every aspect of his life into absolute chaos.

Jeff is the powerful warden of Hell’s Dungeon, the prison from which the Sock Puppets escaped. He will stop at nothing to find the Sock Puppets and bring them back to Hell. But in order to do that, he first needs to find a way to get to Earth. That won’t be easy.

Vicki is an angry young woman who also happens to be a witch, equipped with magical abilities that she barely understands or can control. As the junior member of an elite coven of witches known as The Stone Crows, Vicki has just been given a mysterious artifact for safekeeping. What Vicki doesn’t know is that this item is exactly what Jeff needs to follow the Sock Puppets to Earth.

Bernie is a guy whose mind has been completely shattered and who has been haunted by voices in his head for years. Now those voices have gotten louder than ever before…and they are commanding Bernie to locate the artifact that Vicki has been entrusted to keep hidden. And to kill anyone who stands in his way.

When Hell and Earth collide, very bad things will happen. No one is safe. No quarter will be given. And nothing will ever be the same.

If you read that epic plot summary and still don’t want to buy The Sock Puppets From Hell, you are probably an asshole.  And no one loves you.

Purchase your copy of Dan Cheek’s book today for yourself and also purchase a few copies to give to your friends and family so that you can fuck up their lives, too.