What the Hell are the Sock Puppets From Hell?

Seriously.  WTF?


I should probably start off by saying that The Sock Puppets From Hell are not a band.  Because that would be a really fucking great name for a band.

The Sock Puppets From Hell is an upcoming novel by Dan Cheek that chronicles the misadventures of four Sock Puppets.  Who are from Hell.  But who are now on Earth, living in a house with a guy named Sam.  Bad things happen to everyone involved.

These Sock Puppets each have names; Bob, Doctor Sanity, Lost Cause and Goblin.  Each of them are terrible, but in different ways.  And collectively, oh man, they are really terrible.

So these four Sock Puppets live with Sam, a guy who’s life isn’t super great before the Puppets invade his home.  And after the Sock Puppets start living with Sam, his life gets blown to shit.

Literally.  I wrote a scene in the book that involves human fecal matter being blown up.

Anyway, there’s a reason the Sock Puppets From Hell are living with Sam.  There’s a reason they left Hell.  There’s also a demon, a couple of witches and mentally deranged murderer.  And a sheep.  But I don’t wanna get into all of that just yet.

If any or all of this sounds at least a little bit interesting to you, I would recommend you buy a copy of The Sock Puppets From Hell when I self-publish it this Fall.  And if none of this sounds interesting, well, you should also buy a copy of the book.

Just all of you buy my fucking book because I just spent a fucking year writing a novel about Sock Puppets and oh god my life is a mess.  BUY MY SOCK PUPPET BOOK!

For all the latest information and updates on Sam, Bob, Lost Cause, Goblin and Doctor Sanity, stay tuned to this website.

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Author: Dan Cheek

Dan Cheek is the author of The Sock Puppets From Hell and an all around horrible person. His pee smells like hotdogs.